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Wales – June 23, 2000

June 23rd, 2000 · No Comments

We gathered in the morning before riding to WalesWe are all ready to go with Arthur after breakfast to tour the trails along the canals and see some of downtown Bath. Arthur is one of the Odyssey riders who makes his home in Bath. It was an unusual experience for us to have a personal tour like this and I was excited.

My excited turned to major annoyance at the first hill. Replacing my chain had not cured the problem with my bike. It was still skipping, keeping me from down shifting to climb hills. I had to drop out of Arthur’s tour before we even left the campground.

I went directly to Dave who informed me he hadn’t worked on that problem. He had only worked on the jamming problem. And he was now off duty. Terrific, knowing I couldn’t wait for someone to get in the mood to act like a real mechanic who gave a damn, I inquired of the nearest bike shop. It was 3 miles away, so I set off with my bike walking it uphill and riding it downhill.

The bike shop I found was just the kind of shop I was hoping for. They had a wonderful huge shop, with several guys doing nothing but fixing bikes. They took mine in immediately. The mechanic who worked on it actually took it for 3 test rides to be sure it worked before handing it back to me. I ended up changing out the cluster and the 32 or middle ring. That solved my problem. It still shifts loud and rough, but it doesn’t jam or skip. Thank you

To make amends to myself for missing Arthur’s tour, I rode around Bath, by myself for awhile. I didn’t feel like being a tourist, but it was nice to be back on the bike again. I just went where ever, not worrying about a DRG or asking anyone “should we go here?”

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