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Entries from July 2000

Gol to Hokksund

July 17th, 2000 · Comments Off on Gol to Hokksund

Gol to Hokksund (I took the train to Oslo) Day 199 The morning mist hung below the mountain peaks. It was an interesting view, with mountains in every direction. The day before I thought I was ready to ride, but my mind was still not ready. Jane and I went back to the train station […]

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Tags: Norway · Scandinavia

Sogndal to Gol

July 16th, 2000 · Comments Off on Sogndal to Gol

Sogndal to Gol Day 198 (I’m still off route!) My ears are finally back to normal. It has been a total of 3 weeks I have been suffering with it. I am glad to feel good again. Jane McLane and I took the most remarkable train ride over the mountains from Bergen to Gol today. […]

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Tags: Norway · Scandinavia

Forde to Sogndal

July 15th, 2000 · Comments Off on Forde to Sogndal

Forde to Sogndal (I’m still off route) Day 197 Still in Bergen, Jane and I decided to take a walking tour of the historic district. The area has a very old and interesting history, dating back 900 years to medieval times. In one of Bergen’s many museums we were able to see the remains of […]

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Tags: Finland · Norway

Risnes to Forde

July 15th, 2000 · Comments Off on Risnes to Forde

Risnes to Forde Day 196 (I’m still off route) I’m still off route today, in Bergen. We took a bus up to the Montana Hostel to bring our bikes down to town. When we got there, we discovered 3 of the bikes were locked together and Lynne had the key. Lynne was out taking another […]

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Tags: Norway · Scandinavia

St. Petersburg

July 14th, 2000 · Comments Off on St. Petersburg

Russia, back on the schedule! Originally Russia was part of the itinerary TK&A published for Odyssey 2000. Since then, they have withdrawn Russia as a country the group is going to visit. No concrete reason was given, just that it is too difficult to get 250 + people into, therefore, it is cut. The “contract” […]

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July 12th, 2000 · Comments Off on Norway

Bergen, Norway Flight Day 194 We were very lucky our schedule was changed from a ferry to Bergen to a flight. TK&A staff took the ferry from New Castle, Scotland to Bergen as did all the folks with rental cars. The North Sea was not kind to them. Larry and Joan reported being sea sick […]

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Tags: Norway · Scandinavia


July 12th, 2000 · Comments Off on Scandinavia

For the last three weeks in June and a few days in August, we will be touring Scandinavia. We start in Norway, go a little north then east to Sweden, take a fast ferry to Denmark, travel along the coast to Copenhagen, cross over on a ferry again and head through the rural timberlands to […]

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July 5th, 2000 · Comments Off on Scotland

Belfast to Ayr, Scotland Day 187 We arrived in Cairnryan, Scotland mid-afternoon with still about 50 miles to travel. The weather was overcast, but dry. It was a good feeling to be out of Belfast. Scotland is clean, well kept and no graffiti in sight. I felt safe to be here and welcome too. Cars […]

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Tags: British Isles · Scotland · world travel

Northern Ireland2

July 2nd, 2000 · Comments Off on Northern Ireland2

We rode from the Republic of Ireland into Northern Ireland without even noticing the distinction. The sameness was further vocalized when one of the riders asked in a local shop for a pin of Northern Ireland. The shopkeeper tartly responded, “there’s only one Ireland lady, and you are standing in it!” Oops! The money is […]

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Tags: British Isles · Ireland


July 1st, 2000 · Comments Off on Logistics

Many readers are interested in the logistics of making a trip around the world with 247 riders. Since I am merely a customer, I can only relate what I see. Much has gone on with the organizing of this trip, years before we ever started. Let me tell you what I see and how it […]

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Tags: Odyssey-Preparation