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Hat Yai

November 14th, 2000 · No Comments

Trang to Hat Yai

Day 319

Bus management was rather exciting today. The day was another one of extreme heat. At checkpoint we stopped to fill bus one and had several desperate cyclists ask if they could buy a seat on our bus. The ride was so long and the weather was just doing them in. I had several seats available, but not enough room for that many bicycles. I hated to have to tell them “no.”

entertainment in Thailand

Almost every night in Thailand we were entertained by a variety of musicians and dancers.These adorable little girls did a dance to popular music.

Before the first bus left checkpoint, I discussed with Julie our interpreter how the second bus should proceed. I thought I was clear and she understood that the #2 bus should stay at checkpoint until 1 p.m. So we in bus #1 left. After about 15 minutes of traveling, Ron who was sitting in the back of the bus, yells up to me, “Hey, Kristal I think the bike truck and bus are following us.” I looked out the window and sure enough, the empty bus and bike truck had followed us!

We stopped and I once again went over the routine and sent them back to pick up the rest of the riders. Terrific, the poor riders would be standing out in this horrible heat wondering where their ride was.

AlBus management was getting old! At dinner, a rider asked me if I knew of any seats that were for sale. I sold him mine. He didn’t want the management part, since it wasn’t a paid position, I didn’t feel so bad.

Now I would be on own. Just me, Al the Alien and the bike!

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