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November 13th, 2000 · No Comments

Krabi to Tranag

Day 318

The second day of rescue busing was easy. Everything came off like clockwork, both buses got in at reasonable hour. TK& A even got there and got organized within an acceptable amount of time. Of course our first bus beat them. As we pulled up to the hotel there was a huge banner welcoming us and they were giving out leis. We were careful to let the management know that we were not TK&A staff and we had to wait until they arrived.

I checked into my room, taking a deep breathe of the mildew air as I entered. It was nasty. My roommate, Lynne and I immediately turned the air conditioner up full blast and opened the windows We hoped this would help.

To pass the time, we called for a masseur to come to the room. Thailand is famous for their style of massage, which combines some very strenuous muscle manipulation with stretching and the cracking of knuckles, toes and backbone! I must say, I have never experienced a massage as this one! Parts of it were a relief just to have the lady stop. My thigh muscles are so tender, I could hardly stand to have her manipulate them, but still it did feel good. Of course for the price, neither one of us could complain, a two hour message was $7.

Al wearing a flower leiThe hotel greeted us with beautiful orchid leis and a refreshing cool juice drink. Al the Alien loved the lei, but he refused to have a massage, saying he feared the lady would snap his neck to hard. He hates having a sore neck.

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