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Floating Village

November 2nd, 2000 · No Comments

On our third and final day of formal touring in the kingdom of Cambodia, we turned ourProud Man with his family backs to the ancient temples and boarded a boat to visit a floating village. To get there we drove in a car past the neighboring villages.

I was captivated by the housing and the people. It is all so very different than anything I have ever seen. These people rather than fighting with the water, have taken to it. They live in peace and harmony with the tides of the Siem Reap River when the Mekong Delta floods the river reverses it’s flow and returns to this area, flooding the land for months.

KK on the RiverWe chartered an entire boat for $10, had we been a larger group the price would have been the same. It didn’t matter, we loved the thought of having the boat to ourselves. It was relaxing to lounge in the sunshine.

That’s me on my Khmer Yacht!

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